• Please name the breed of your entry if known.
  • All poultry, except waterfowl, doves, and pigeons, must meet one of the following:                              1   Be a participant in the National Poulrty Improvement Plan (NPIP)                                                         2  Have purchased birds in the last 12 months fom a NPIP participant                                                       3  Have bids test negative for Pullorum-Typhoid within 90 days of exhibition     
Class I    Fitting and Showing
Class II    Conformation


                                A   Single cock or cockerel                    

                     B   Single Hen or Pullet

                     C   Old Pair (one cockerel & 2 pullets)   
                     D   Young Pair (one cockerel & one pullet)
Bantam Chickens

    2  Standard Chickens

    3  Barnyard Chickens

Section          E  Single Male
  Single Female

G  Single pair


                                       1  Turkeys

     2  Ducks

     3  Geese

     4  Other Genus