All animals must meet the health requirements listed below:


  • Other than cats and dogs, Washington animals require no vaccination or test for entry.
  • No animal will be admitted on fairgrounds after showing begins without veterinarian signature on Veterinarian Form.
  • Fair Veterinarian will inspect all classes of livestock and poultry to determine that they are free from infectious or contagious disease and ectoparasites.  Exhibitors should be aware that ringworm, warts, pink eye, strangles, contagious eczema, scabies, lice, mites, ticks, and fleas fall into these categories.
  • No animal from any quarantine area or premises will be permitted to enter.
  • All out-of-state entries must comply with the State of Washington Import Regulations.  A health certificate will be issued by an accredited veterinarian from the state of origin for all out of state livestock and poultry entries.
  • The Fair Veterinarian's professional decision as to the health status of an animal will be final and will be upheld by the Valley Fair Association.
  • In the event that the health status of an animal is determined after the veterinarian has left the premises, the department supervisor will make final determination if the animal must be disqualified.