3 on 3 Basketball Tournament registration form

3rd Annual Tournament

Sponsored by the Valley Community Fair Association

509-680-6394 theresa102@centurytel.net

Friday, August 11, 3:30pm

Saturday, August 12, 9:00am

All games are played at the single court at Valley Station Square

 Cost $40.00 per team              Registration Due by August 1, 2017

Age divisions 8-10, 12-14, 15-17, 18-20, 21 & older

*Younger players may play up, but not down

Male, female and Co-ed teams are welcome (must have a minimum of 4 teams per gender, per age group)

Teams are guaranteed one game with a possible 3 game wins

Players: Each team must have a minimum of 3 players on their roster.  Games may be started and completed with only two players, but not with just one player.  No roster changes allowed after your first game.  At least two of the players from each team must live within Stevens CountyA maximum of 8 teams from each age group will be accepted into the tournament (early registrations accepted first).

 Prior to Game: A coin toss will determine the right to possession or pass possession to opposing team.  If the games goes into overtime, another coin toss will take place.

Starting Play: The ball must be thrown in from the top of the 3-point line.

Checked Ball: The ball must be “checked” by an opposing player at the top of the 3-point line (take-back line) on each dead ball change of possession, before it is put into play.  The ball (after being checked) must be passed to a teammate to begin play.


Length of Games: First team to score 20 points, or 2 minutes (running clock).  If the game ends in a tie, the teams will play a sudden-death overtime with the team scoring first declared the winner.  A game won by forfeit will result in a 15-0 victory for the team present at the court.


Change of Possession: The ball will change possession after all made baskets, no “make it, take it.”


Jump Balls: Possession arrow.


Stalling: Stalling is not allowed.  The referee may institute a 20 second shot clock at any time.  Failure to attempt a shot in 20 seconds after being advised by the referee will result in loss of possession.


Time Outs: Each team is allowed one-30 second time out.  The clock will stop during time out.


Taking it Back: The ball will be “taking back” on every change of possession.  “Taking back” means BOTH feet must be behind the two-point arc (3-point line).  Failure to take it back is a violation.  After one warning from the referee, a failure to take it back will result in change of possession.


Scoring: Baskets made are scored as 1 point except behind the 3-point line which are scored as 2 points.


Fouls: A free throw will be given for every foul.


Free Throws: Free throws count as 1 point and one shot is given on a foul in front of the 2-point arc.  When fouled in the act of shooting, free throws are awarded to the shooter only when the basket was not made.  All free throws are dead balls.  Regardless of whether the free throw(s) are made, the opposing team “checks” the ball from behind the 2-point arc (3-point line).  Shooter and players behind free throw line may enter when ball hits rim.  If player is fouled in the act of shooting a 2-point shot (behind the 3-point line) and the shot is not successful, the shooting player shall be awarded 2 free throws. 



Technical Fouls: A technical foul results in 1 free throw and possession to the free throw shooting team.  Two technical fouls on a player in the same game results in disqualification for the remainder of the tournament.


Sportsmanship: Good sportsmanship and cooperation is both anticipated and expected.  The team captain or designated parent, if applicable, is expected to aid in controlling teammates’ and team followers’ conduct and to represent his/her team as a spokesman in case of appeals to the court monitor.  Poor sportsmanship could result in penalties against the team in either  the Technical, Intentional or Flagrant foul categories.  Failure to comply with acts such as fighting, taunting, intimidating, or verbally attacking a tournament official, player, or spectator may lead to the removal of that player, team and/or spectator from the tournament.  Any ejection from the entire tournament will result in the suspension from the next year’s tournament, at a minimum.


·         No players may consume or be under the influence during playing time.  NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL ALLOWED AT THE VALLEY STATION SQUARE!