There wil be NO HORSES   this year for lack of superintendent

  • 4-H, FFA and Open classes may be combined.
  • All rules, including proper tack and attire will be governed by 4-H/FFA Rules & Regulations (PNW 574) available at the extension office.
  • ALL RIDERS must wear boots and ASTM/SEI-approved protective headgear while mounted.
  • Exhibitors may be in one fitting and showing class only.  All exhibitors are required to exhibit in showmanship classes.
  • Any horse deemed unmanageable or unsafe by fair officials will be excused from the arena and/or fairgrounds.
  • Stallions are allowed with adult handlers.  These animals must be attended and kept under control at all times, and are to be removed from the fair grounds after classes.
  • Horses must be ridden or led at a walk when outside of the arena.
  • Premium points will be awarded for showmanship and only one other class.
  • Fair officials may combine or cancel classes based on entries.
  • Check-in at announcer’s booth at completion of vet check. 

Class I       Fitting and Showing

Western or English attire acceptable.  Judged on showmanship, handling, and grooming of horse and exhibitor.


Equitation classes to be shown in both directions at the walk, jog/trot, and lope/canter, always on the correct diagonal/lead, back in a straight line and stand as directed.  Judge may ask for additional tests.


Class II      Western equitation

Western tack and attire.

Class III     Walk-Trot/Lead-Line Equitation

Exhibitor may not cross enter with classes requiring lope/canter.  Western or English tack and attire.

Class IV     English Equitation

Hunt or Saddle Seat tack and attire.


Riding pattern classes do not require rail work.  Riders perform pattern individually.  To be judged on obstacle completion, performance and quietness of ride.  Three obstacle refusals result in no points for obstacle.  Western or English tack and attire.


Class V      Riding Pattern

Class VI     Walk-Trot/Lead-Line Riding Pattern

                        May not cross-enter with lope/canter classes.