• No bucks permitted on fairgrounds
  • No horns allowed (except fiber goats)

Class I    Fitting and Showing 

Class II    Conformation

Section A    Dairy


        1  Doe kid under six months

      2  Doe kid over six months
      3  Doe in milk (first freshening)

      4  Doe in milk (freshening more than once)

      5  Dam and daughter any age

 Section B    Companion


1  Pygmy

2  Faint

3  Does over 2 years, never freshened (any breed)

4  Wether over 1 year (any breed)

 Section C    Market


1  Wether under 100 lbs.

2  Wether over 100 lbs.

3  Does

 Section D  Fiber

( ONLY fiber goats are allowed horns, however guards must be worn at all times when present on the fairground)


1  Angora

2  Cashmere

3  Other

Class III    Goat Costume Contest (No premium points awarded)


A  Best Dressed

B  Funniest

Class IV     Herdsmanship

A special award for the top herdsman based on the following:

  • General appearance and neatness of exhibit
  • Conduct and appearance of exhibitor
  • Storage of feed and equipment
  • Identification of club, family, or organization
  • Quality of animals
  • Originality of decorations