• This show is a 4-H Dog Project State Qualifying Event for Stevens County.  Top scoring exhibitors are automatically considered for State Fair under qualifying rules and quota.  (Primaries are not eligible for State Fair.)
  • Dogs three months of age or over, must show evidence of rabies vaccination.  It is strongly recommended that all dogs, for their own protection, be vaccinated against DHLP and Parvo.
  • Exhibitors will be responsible for keeping their allotted area clean.  Dogs must be on a leash at all times unless crated.  Any feces shall be disposed of properly.
  • Any dog that causes a problem with other dogs will be excused from the fairgrounds.
  • Exhibitors are limited to one dog per class.  If an exhibitor wishes to show 2 dogs in 4-H classes, the dog that is entered in Fitting and Showing must be entered in one of the obedience classes.  The second dog may be entered in a different obedience class, or the second dog may be entered in Open Division, instead of 4-H, but can’t be entered in both divisions.
  • Refer to 4-H publication, EM4796 for rules.
  • Do not confuse Open Division with Open Obedience Section VI.
  • Beginning novice is for exhibitors who are beginners, with no previous experience, whose dogs have not had previous training.
  • Pre-Novice is for exhibitors who have had previous training or new members whose dogs have had previous training.
  • No wolf, wolf-hybrid, or other wild animal crosses may enter.
  • Dogs in season will be allowed to exhibit, but must wear doggy britches, and will go last in obedience classes.
  • Divisions within the same class may be combined for long sits and downs but will be judged separately.

Class I    Fitting and Showing

Class II    Obedience


    A  Beginning Obedience
    B  Pre-Novice (beginners) All exercises on leash

    C  Novice Obedience

    D  Advanced Novice Obedience

    E  Graduate Novice Obedience
    F  Open Obedience

      Subsection   List breed

Class IIl   Costume Contest (no premium points awarded)


   A  Best dressed

    B  Funniest