Class I    Skeins       

  • All yarns must have been hand-spun within the past year.
  • Yarn must be tied in three places and weigh approximately 2 ounces.  
  • Fiber content and use must be stated on entry card (weaving, knitting –rug, socks…)
  • Skeins will be judged on the following:
  • Overall appearance
  • Twist
  • Visual uniformity
  • Spinning technique
  • Finishing
  • Contrasting color
  • Suitability for intended use

Class II    Fleeces

Section  List breed and age of animal

  • All fleeces must be clean, well skirted and packaged in a clear plastic bag.  Do not tie fleeces.
  • Fleeces may be removed from bag for judging. 
  • Remove all tags, neck and belly wool.  
  • Any improperly skirted or dirty fleeces may be disqualified.  
  • All fleeces must have been shorn in past 12 months.
  • No ram fleeces.

Class III    Weaving (items must be clean with clipped threads and no obvious wear)


        1   Wall Hanging

        2   Off Loom

        3   Rug

        4   Towel

        5   Yardage

        6   Scarf

        7   Belt

        8   Garment

        9   Runner

        10 Place Mats (set/4)

        11 Other


Class IV    Felt


        1   Garment

        2   Footwear

        3   Hat

        4   Mittens

        5   Other


Class V    Baskets


        1   Coiled

        2   Woven

        3   Other


Class VI    Hand Spun Fiber


        1   Small Knit Article

        2   Large Knit Article

        3   Small Crocheted Article

        4   Large Crocheted Article

        5   Other