Exhibitors may enter a maximum of 3 items per sections

 Class l     Manufactured Building Materials (Lego, Lincoln Log, Knex, etc)


              1   Kits

            2   Original (non-kit)

  Class II    Models


1   Kits (functional or non-functional)

2   Inspired/non-kit (functional or non-functional)

 Class III    Camp Craft  (Items made in current year summer camp -  4H, Scout,                               Church, etc.)

Class lV   Home Improvements

For all exhibits, include a clearly written note card or sheet answering these questions:

1   What did you plan to learn or do? What were your project goals?

2   What steps did you take to learn or do this?  Explain what you wanted to do so          it is easily understood.

3   What were the most important things you learned


      (More home improvemnt information & exhibit ideas)

         1   Simple projects - less than 4 hours to complete

       2   Intermediate projects -4 to 12 hours to complete

       3   Advanced projects - over 12 hours to complete

Class V    Money Management


1   Account Book

 2   Livestock expense record (does not have to be 4H or FFA)

 3   School Expense Budget (show expenses and earnings)

Class Vl    Creative Writing

Thank you for sharing your creative work with Valley Fair.  We ask that you have your entry submitted by the post before August 1, 2017.  

                         Linda Saffer

                         Lyons Hill Rd

                         Springdale, wa 99173

·       All entries are to be handwritten neatly, in ink or types (printed) for Junior and up divisions.  This requirement is suspended for Primary if needs be.  Types entries should be double spaced. 

·     Children’s stories must include illustrations. 

·     All entries must have been written since the previous year’s fair.  All entries must be exclusive work of exhibitor.  NO groups projects or collaborations should be submitted for judging. 

·    Each entry is to have a title page with the following information: title, author, date, project section written out (short story, essay, etc), word count (count is taken by 5 characters including spaces), and age (designate what age you were on Oct 1, of the previous year), 4-H Cub/Open.  Please attach a note by post-it or paperclip notifying us if you have or will be registering an animal in the fair. 

·    Each entry is to be bound to keep it neat and clean during judging and display at the Valley Fair.  Use any type of common three-pronged folder, binder, or school report cover. 

·    Neatness counts.  Be sure your project is clean, neat, and organized. 

·    Use any tools available to you to present your exhibit in the best possible way.  However, don’t neglect the most important part of this project…”Creative Writing.”  The creative way you express yourself and the proper grammatical use of words are more important to the judge than computer printing and expensive laminating bindings.  Make sure you concentrate on the project before the presentation of it. 

·    Double check the order of the papers in the binder.

·         Title page (required)

·         Your Writing (required)

·         Bibliography (give credit to sources only if you researched) 

·    It is recommended to make a copy of your project for safekeeping since your exhibit will be handles and read by many people during the Valley Fair.


     (creative writing judging expectations)

        1   Short story

       2   Essay

       3   Poetry - Rhymed and Free Verse

       4   Other (illustrated children's story, comic strip, song lyrics, etc)