• 4-H Exhibits Only
  •  Articles must be completed within the current 4-H year (October 1 – September 30)

  •  Attach a 3”x5” card giving the following information: 1) age of exhibitor, 2) number of years in project

  • Pattern and instruction sheet in a plastic bag to accompany exhibit, along with care instruction

  • No soiled entries will be accepted.  If worn, entries must be clean and pressed

  • Please bring hanger with garment

 Class I    Clothing and Personal Accessories


        1   Simple (5 or less details)

  2   Complicated (6 – 10 details)

  Class II    Non Sewn Article


           1   Embellishments


Class III    Separates


        1   Singles (skirt, shorts, blouse, etc)

        2  Coordinated Separates (two or more garments, constructed by exhibitor, such as

            skirt & blouse, pants, vest & shirt, etc.)


Class IV    Night Wear


Class V    Daytime Dresses

Class VI    Evening Wear


Class VII    Coat or Suit

Class VIII    Miscellaneous (Any item that doesn't fit into other classes)


        1   Simple

        2   Complicated

Class IX    Creative Consumers of Fashion

Poster should include a picture of you in the outfit, as well as a description of the outfit, where you got it, what it's for, how much it cost, and any other interesting aspects of  your project.  Include 4H Form C1079 - check with the extension service.