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  • All photos must be printed in a matte finish.  Each entry must be matted using a heavy board material, construction paper is not advised and may damage your photographs.  Your matting will be judged with the photograph as part of the presentation.  Please do not use any of the following: wooden frame, foam boards, foam core, paper, or glass.  Glass is dangerous and will not be allowed for any reason.  Matte should be between 1" - 2" around the photo, if the size of the photo and matte together exceeds 8" - 12" in size, they will not be eligible for judging.  Secton 18 photos may exceed the size limit and must be mounted on the same board.
  • Photo must have been taken within the past year.
  • Photos in all classes must be at least 4”x6” and not larger than 8”x12”.

  • Exhibitors may enter a maximum of 6 photos in each class, with a limit of 2 per section.  Additional photos will be displayed and the judge will critique as time allows.  However, they will not be awarded ribbon values.

  • No visible name or signature on photo or matte.

  • No copyrighted material allowed.

  • Judging Criteria:

    Technical:  Is the photo in focus?  Field of Interest Centered?

    Interest:  Is there a main subject?  Does the photo tell a story?

    Composition:  Use of line and balance

    Mounting:  Compliments the photo.  Neat and secure (precise straight cuts)

Class l     Digital - Color / Black & White / Sepia Toned    

Class ll    Computer Enhanced

Class lll   Artistic Edits


            1 Action   

          2 People

          3 Portrait

          4 Farm Scene

          5 Fair Scene

          6 Nature (no domestic)

          7 Domestic (animal) 

          8 Birds (all)

          9 Flowers

         10 Architecture   

         11 Scenic

         12 Still Life (no flowers)

         13 Macro (close-up)

         14 Miscellaneous

         15 Farm Machinery/Vehicle

         16 Humor

         17 Industrial

       18 Story/Sequence (Must be mounted on same matting board)