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  • Blue ribbon 4H exhibits qualify to be displayed at the Washington State 4H Fair in Puyallup.  Exhibitors are responsible for getting their posters to and from state competition.
  • No preregistration required.  Please check posters in at the Exhibit Hall in on Friday between 8am and noon.  Posters will be judged on Friday.  Pick up posters between 3 and 5pm on Fair day.
  • Must be on standard poster board - minimum or 14" X 22", maximum of 22" X 28".  Unique shapes must be mounted on either of  these sizes.
  • Judging criteria:    Design 40pts Color, spelling, lettering, illustration, layout, lettering visible from 10ft.                                          Originality/Creativity 20pts - Imagination, new idea or innovative presentation.                                               Educational 40pts - One main idea, message effective & appropriate                    
  • Must be an original entry, created for the current 4H year.  Please label on back with name, age, grade just completed, club, county, and address.
  • Premiums paid on one poster per project area. 
  • Posters displayed in Exhibit Hall or respective department area.
  • Posters may be entered even if not exhibiting animals.