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1.   All Animals must be preregistered By August 6, 2011


Mail entries to:     Valley Community Fair

c/o Carla Scott

PO Box 27

Valley, WA 99181

For questions, please call 937-4043

No late entries!  If the exhibitor is not preregistered and presents him/herself on the fairgrounds with livestock after 8:00am, entry may be denied!

Educational posters must be in by Friday, August 12th at 1:00pm.

2.  Animals must be on the fairgrounds, in stall, pens and/or the

    arena, by 8:00am, Saturday, August 13, 2011.  The judging begins

    promptly at 9:00am, with the exception of Dairy and Swine



3.  Classes listed are open to all entries, including 4H and FFA.


4.  Exhibitors will be paid for four (4) animal entries, with the exception

     of paying for only two (2) horse entries.


5.  All animal exhibitors are expected to keep their stalls and pens

     presentable at all times.


6.  Stalls/pens must be cleaned before premiums will be paid!  Horse

     exhibitors must clean around trailers.


7.  Entries in Light Horse Department will be accepted from anyone,

     but cash premiums will be awarded to youth exhibitors only.


8.  Exhibitors must check in with Department Superintendents.  If an

     exhibitor is entering 2 or more animals in different departments,

     you will need to check with each Department Superintendent (i.e.

     cat and dog entry; dog and rabbit entry; horse and beef entry; etc.).


9.  Animals must stay within the departments during fair day.


10.All exhibitors must indicate whether they are 4H, FFA or Open on

          stall cards.